Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pictures, but not as many as I wanted...

I have loads of pictures from yesterday, but I give up trying to post them. Here are the first five that did upload.

This is the walk down Steph's driveway.

Olivia rocking on Abby's rocking horse in her room.

Leo hanging out with us.

Olivia giving Leo a kiss. She loves him. Today on the way up the stairs when I was holding both of them, she said, "Leo so cute!"

And hanging out with Abby/Olivia's doll, Hannabee, who has to do everything Leo does, including tummy time, eating, burping, diaper changing, etc.

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  1. Wow! That first pic is so beautiful! Looks like a painting! I'm glad Olivia is enjoying big-sisterhood :) She looks so grown up with her hair in the little bun!