Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Disney!! (Post 2)

Day 3:

Our first day at the parks! We bused over to Hollywood Studios in the morning...this plan was because it was the only lace with Lightning McQueen, but we found out before we left that he was no longer there...his exhibit having moved to DisneyLand. We kept with our schedule since we had dining reservations there, though. The bus was fun! The entrance to the park was impressive! Leo and Jason jumped in bubbles throughout the first "street!" We walked further in and got in line for the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. They hated it!! Ha! They were scared of Ursula. We should have known our sweet sensitive kids better. We walked around a bit more and saw some fun stuff. The kids liked our character breakfast and especially when I hammed it up with the characters!



We did penny presses for souvenirs, saw storm troopers marching down the boulevard, and took it all in before heading back to our hotel for Jason's nap and some swim time for the big kids!

Later that day...

Epcot!! I love Epcot! We walked through the world showcase to Japan for dinner! One of our favorite memories is Leo laughing with excitement and exclaiming "That guy is awesome!" about the chef at Tepon Edo. We all are ready we'll that night--beef, shrimp, and salmon! Yum! 


All of us went on spaceship earth later, and  Nicholas and the big kids stayed for our Frozen Ever After fastpass while I took Jason back to bed.

This is the view of Cinderella's Castle from our room!



  1. This looks awesome! I'm so glad you had a good time, except for Ursula.

  2. What a view! Some of those rides can be scary ... the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs ride still creeps me out a bit when the old lady pops out!