Sunday, December 11, 2016

Disney!! (Post 1)

I know that my post will not do our trip justice, but I am going to attempt. All the planning and cost was worth this super fun trip!

Day 1:
We left Saturday, December 3 around nine and drove to Jacksonville, FL with three excited kids!

We played at rest areas and took our time!

Day 2:
We checked into the Contemporary at 11 on Sunday! That gave plenty of time to ride the monorails, eat, swim, ride a ferry and eat again!!


The pictures don't do the view justice at all. We were so close to Magic Kingdom that our hotel physically shook from the ten PM fireworks! 
You can see the Grand Floridian from this one:

The ferry ride to the Wilderness Lodge for dinner:


  1. Yay! I'm glad you took your time and had fun on the way there. That's how it should be. :-)

  2. The Wilderness Lodge was always one of our favorite places for dinner! And entertainment for the kids if I remember correctly! Love to see all those smiling faces :)