Monday, December 26, 2016

December track-out activities 2016

Track out fun!!

This is what happens when Olivia has a friend over to play while I work and the boys are at preschool! Scrap material + creativity =

Olivia also helped me pack snack bags for the snack pantry at her school, which I organized and is sponsored by Grow Our Kids. I do this every other week and it takes me a couple of hours during the school day. We help about 40 kids who otherwise wouldn't have a snack at school each day.


Tea time! Olivia wouldn't let Jason use a tea cup from her set! Ha! Her caution was founded. He threw his cup, but it didn't break.


We finally finished the sewing project we started on during the September track out!!



(Also, do you notice that Olivia has three sweater dress sets with leggings that she wears every day!!)

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  1. I think it's so great that you guys are involved in volunteer work with the kiddos. Way to go!! Also love all the crafts. And I can see why she likes to wear the sweater dress outfits all the time ... they are so cute :)