Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas activities 2016

Leo's Christmas play:

I love Leo's school's Christmas play! They allow the kids to choose the part they want, so there are many Mary's and Joseph's. Leo was a wise man and was super cute!





Olivia and I got to go to the Nutcracker again this year and had a great time! Olivia looked lovely, and the performance was special since we took more notice of the orchestra and the music since Olivia is playing violin now. Since this was her fourth time seeing it, she was also a critique of the emphasis of different story elements!


This photo cracks me up! I wasn't sure if Olivia was tall enough for me to just stand next to her. Answer: no! Also, no shoes! Ha! Also, Jason's coming!!!

Sweet, beautiful girl!

Cookie exchange:

So much fun! Yes, I made Rice Krispie Treats...there is just no time!!


Christmas Eve:

We made gingerbread houses in the morning, and had our traditional take out Chinese food on China in the evening! Perfect!


Christmas cards:

I only ordered and sent 50 cards this year, down from 100 last year. I regretted not having the extra cards to give out to all our local friends. I will be going back to 100 next year! I love snail mail!





  1. Good ideas with the cards, I may have to try that next year!

  2. Wow! Look at all those cards! Maybe you'll get one from us next year ;)

    Love the mother daughter tradition ... you guys are both beautiful!