Wednesday, June 22, 2016

More track out fun!

Lake Wheeler x 2:

One afternoon for Jason's first paddle boat ride! He did great!

Then one morning for breakfast at the kids' request. We had fun!

Yates Mill Park x 2:

One afternoon we discovered this local gem we have driven past a lot of times. It's the last working mill in Wake County, while 200 years ago there were more 72! It was awesome--the museum had lots of interactives to explain the history and science of the mill, the trail around the lake was pretty, and the water and mill were cool to see! Leo wanted to get inside the mill so much that...

We returned on a weekend for a tour! The kids had fun seeing the gears and pulleys working, and Nicholas and I did, too! I wish we had taken Mom and Grandma here when they visited in the fall. Maybe next time!

Pullen park:

The magnolias were blooming and smelled so sweet when the kids were playing under the canopy of their "secret tree!" We had fun, as usual, walking around the lake, playing in the playground, riding rides, and eating loco-pops!

A friend's birthday party:

Olivia got to go to a friend's birthday party at a riding stable. She had blast riding and seeing the stable, but it makes me so happy that she gets to do this every time we visit Indiana! Lucky!

The garden about a two weeks ago:

Lots of cherry tomatoes ripe now in the back, strawberries and cucumber in the middle, lots of herbs in the front, and Mom's beans with a sad trellis on the left side. The cilantro went to seed and was super woody. Second year in a row for cilantro fail. :(

My $3 worth of zinnia seeds bring me at least $300 worth of joy!

Yummy herbs!

Swimming lessons:

Leo took a week long swim lesson boot camp the first week of June and did so well! He learned to swim with his head under water!! He is so excited this year to swim in the big pool, go down the slide, and dive for toys!!

Olivia joined him once a week for swim lessons after she finished school, and is also learning a lot--taking side breaths, the correct way to do back and breast stroke, and just gaining endurance.

Getting older:

Jason is getting older and having stronger opinions, as you can see from the tantrum photos below! We've started some time outs for undesirable behavior like drawing on the walls! But Jason is usually quick to recover, which is a great quality!

Jason isn't too upset about having to clean up his mess. Funny how they want to help when that aren't very good at helping!

Jason loves play doh and markers!

Pool, pool, water!

We spend a lot of time at the pool--with friends, on our own, with Daddy, and at swim practice!


  1. You guys are having such a fun-filled summer! Your flowers and garden look awesome ... wish I had such a green thumb!

  2. You guys are doing it! Getting out, having fun! I'm a little jealous. Soon we'll have more than 1 1/2 hour of awake time for little one and will be able to do stuff. I love the flower pictures; they look totally professional!