Sunday, May 29, 2016

Leo's certificate ceremony

Leo had his certificate ceremony on May 20 completing his 3PK year. Wow!! Look at this big boy!

His first day of school picture on left, and last day of school on right.

Leo really did have a great year. He can write his name better, he can cut with a sissors well, his coloring has improved, but most importantly he almost always liked going to school and made good friends this year!

His end of year program was precious and I cried!! They sang songs he kept a surprise from me including "You are my Sunshine," "I am going to do my Best," and something about all their body parts which was hilarious! Leo was into them and did all the motions and sang along.

Leo and his teacher Ms. Heather, who he loved! He was pretty sure she lived at school! I love his innocence!

Leo and his friend, Danny.

Celebrating at Chick-fil-a for dinner for another great school year!