Friday, May 27, 2016

Mutti came to visit!!

Y'all, Mutti is amazing! Can you imagine raising two rowdy boys all the while being in a wheelchair? She continues to be an amazing grandma to my three making the nine and a half hour trip from Louisville on her own. I'm so glad she did! We had a great visit! Nicholas took off Monday and Tuesday to hang out with all of us. Lots of playing and visiting and eating and laughing!

Olivia rarely left her alone!

Tuesday we picked Olivia up early from school and went out for a stroll around a lake and then for ice cream! Yum! Perfect weather for it!

Goodberry's frozen custard is GOOD!

One afternoon we  broke out the play dough  and it was madness, of course! They all love it!

And while Mutti was here Olivia started swim team!! Yay to four practices a week and Olivia being totally up for it! Since the practices are at the pool in our neighborhood we can walk to, it's no problem!

Olivia has the braid!

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  1. Family visits are the best! I love those helmets the kids have, btw ... maybe I would have wanted to wear a helmet more in my youth if we had ones like that!