Sunday, May 8, 2016

Leo's May 2015 update

This kid! Leo is growing up and becoming a boy so fast! In the past six months or so he has really become aware of "boy" toys, games, and activities. He continues to love Legos-even played with some random Legos at a festival instead of playing games for half an hour. He longed for our neighbor's light saber, and finally got one! He LOVES sweets and other junk even more so than the others. And he is into the makeshift now and arrow I made him!

He was absolutely adorable at his Mother's Day celebration at his preschool two weeks ago!

And it was wonderful to have some one on one time with him afterwards--he picked a nature walk and throwing stuff into the creek:

Leo is super smart--can count to one hundred, can write his name, and comes up with some hilarious stories! He loves superheroes, Batman especially. We read those books, but haven't seen the shows/movies as we think he is still too young.

Leo loves his siblings and often asks for a hug from Jason in the morning and before bed. I heard him talking to Olivia the other day and heard him say, "Olivia when we grow up, let's live in this house all by ourselves!"


  1. That's sweet. I like the Leo post. He looks so big! Thank you for the update!!

  2. Such a sweet little boy. I love that picture of you two ... you are both so happy! Leo really resembles you! I hope you had a very happy Mother's Day!