Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Seven days away

Nicholas had a business trip to Genoa, Italy from Saturday, July 25 to Saturday, August 1. We REALLY missed him, but fortunately everyone was on their best behavior and we got into a pretty good routine! Here's what we did. Each day we let Jason take his morning nap from about 8-9:30 and then did an activity. Then came home for his afternoon nap from about 12-2. Then we did an afternoon activity. We tried to Facetime with Nicholas everyday, and only missed a day or two. 

Saturday afternoon: Pool -- that's usually what we do on weekend and afternoon that we aren't doing something else!

Sunday morning: Kids Together playground--a kid favorite and we hadn't been in a while. Olivia was most happy!

Sunday afternoon: Pool...seriously as much time as we have spent there this summer, you would think I would have more pictures! Olivia is such a swimmer now, and can swim the entire length of the pool!! I think that is 25 yards! Jason enjoys the water since he can sit up in the baby pool, and Leo loves splashing through the splash pad!

Monday: Back to school for Olivia! Our neighbor took her each morning so that I didn't have to get the boys in the car that early. It worked out great since she walked in each day with her friend Lucy.

Jason tried peanut butter for the first time! He loved it!

Monday afternoon: Pullen Park! It was HOT!

Tuesday morning: I worked and Leo played with the babysitter. And then later this:

Tuesday afternoon: Playdate at the neighbor's!

Wednesday morning: I worked and Leo played with the babysitter. And then later this:

And I even cooked...a little!

Thursday morning: I worked and Leo played with the babysitter. 

Thursday afternoon: Pool!

Friday morning:

Friday afternoon: Movie night! They are active in our house!

My babysitter canceled at the last minute, so I couldn't go to monthly Bunco at my neighbor's. :-(

Saturday morning: Play and lunch with Lisa!

Saturday afternoon: Pool--I cried when we left and I knew I had to put kids to bed on my own for the eighth night in a row!

Sunday while Daddy napped:

From Italy with love! This is what Nicholas was seeing!


  1. Whew! You did great!!!
    Next time you can leave the kids with the cousins and go with Nicholas!!!

  2. Getting into a routine was smart and probably made it much better for everyone. It looks like you did great!
    I had no idea that Olivia was such a good swimmer. How awesome is that!
    Also, yay for daddy being home again!

  3. Holy cow! I don't think I would have survived a week alone!! :)

  4. You did awesome!! Your kids are always so happy! And holy cow that is the biggest pillow I've ever seen in the movie night pic!