Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Fourth and the rest of June

We had a blast partying with our neighborhood friends on the 4th! The kids were stoked to see the sun set, and Leo even wanted his picture taken with it! 

Nicholas and I celebrated 12 years of marriage on Friday with brunch at a new place while the big kids were in VBS. Jason slept in his car seat for part and joined us for the rest. I love this man! Happy anniversary, honey!

Last weekend we went to the Durham Museum of Life + Science, and enjoyed the perfect weather and a great day!

Cute Jason pictures with his favorite things: playing peek a boo, brushing his teeth, and being fanned!

More cute kid photos: I love that Leo thought he could open the battery compartment with his toy screwdriver!

Two weeks ago we went to the Natural Science museum after Olivia's Safety Town camp one day and discovered parts we had never seen before!!

Summer is almost over!! Olivia starts Kindergarten on Wednesday!! She and I had a special Mommy and Me brunch this morning and shopped for her first day of school outfit!


  1. Your kids are the absolute cutest! And you are an amazing mom!! :)

  2. Several comments on this one: First pic - Olivia looks so tall!; I LOVE the pic of Nicholas and Jason - the facial expressions of both are so sweet; Jason looks like such a happy baby in the picture group - how adorable, too!; toy screwdriver? no - it's a backup for when you need to change the batteries and don't want to go down to the garage; Oh my Olivia looks like such a big girl!