Monday, July 20, 2015


This picture says it all: Olivia is a bit overwhelmed with Kindergarten. Although the first day went great, it is a big adjustment for a five year old to be out the door at 7:05 AM and not return home for over seven hours. There have been tears in the classroom and out, but she is making progress. Last Friday (day five) was the first day she was able to say her name at morning meeting since she wasn't crying. Today was the first day without tears when leaving Nicholas's car. Olivia is having good days--her teacher walks her to the car and tells me, and Olivia tells me about the fun things they have done--chasing Pete the Cat through school, playing board math games, music, media, art, stories, etc. but she misses Mommy, doesn't like the noisy kids, and doesn't like the morning routine that leaves no room for dawdling. Honestly, I hope it gets better soon. I worry about her crying at her desk into the piece of fabric that their teacher gave them on the first day after reading a story about a boy giving up his blanket. I worry about her not eating enough. I worry about he not getting enough sleep. Poor, sweet Olivia. I don't remember being very sad in Kindergarten, but I do in first grade when I switched schools. I don't want Olivia to remember this part!


  1. She won't remember it. I remember the pictures of me crying on the doorstep when I had to go to preschool and kindergarten, but I don't remember the actual events themselves.

    You will both get through it. The fact that she can tell you about good stuff is awesome, that's a lot of perspective for a 5-year-old. And you know she's not miserable the whole time, or even very much of it.

    The fact that she is able to walk in and no one has to pull her off one of you is the most important part!!! I can't tell you how many times I have sat through the first two hours of preschool or VBS with Christopher because I didn't want his teachers to have to hold him while I ran. (Thankfully, his teacher last year was always willing to do that with a smile and a joke!)

    We'll be gearing up for that whole transition in a couple weeks. I'm HOPING that since John can lead Christopher through it, it might go more smoothly...

    Maybe that's what you should do with Olivia, if you haven't already. Have her rehearse or report her drill with Leo and Jason. If she feels like she has to lead the other two, it might give her a little bit more strength.

    Ya'll are doing great!!!

    7:05 IS super-early. But I'm sure you are finding a routine... breakfast sandwiches in the car?

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! It IS getting better, thank goodness! We are reaching a groove, I hope!

  2. This is a sad pic, but I'm glad she's already doing better.

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