Friday, July 10, 2015

Olivia's first day of Kindergarten!

The build up to Kindergarten is huge! Nicholas and I spent countless hours thinking about and deciding where to send Olivia. Wake County has lots of good public school options--magnet schools, traditional calendar options, and year round options. After touring two schools, we ended up choosing the elementary school that is in walking distance from our house. 

So, for the uninitiated, year round school in Wake County has four tracks, and three of them started the new school year on Tuesday. The fourth starts in three weeks when one of the others "tracks out" for three weeks. So, it is essentially nine weeks on and three weeks off, plus everyone off at holidays. This way the facility can serve 133% of capacity. Olivia is on Track One, which means her track out times are September, December, March, and June.

There was a Kindergarten orientation in May and staggered entry this week. Olivia's original start date was Wednesday, but she has been sick since Monday afternoon with fever, sore throat, and a headache, so I called and moved it to today.

Olivia got up this morning at 6:24 when her clock light turned green, got herself dressed, and came in to our room for help with her hair. After breakfast and teeth brushing, plus a few pictures, Nicholas and Olivia were off to school at 7:05. Leo wasn't even awake yet!

Nicholas had to fill out a little info, and then he was on his way! No tears!  The lower left picture was texted to us from the teacher mid-day! I already love Olivia's teacher! The last picture is on the way home!! Olivia had a blast! (But her throat hurt, so we skipped the pool and just came home to rest.)

Meanwhile, the boys and I had fun playing at a playground, building castles from blocks, reading, and running errands. Jason's top tooth is about to come in--we can see it but it hasn't broken the surface--so he was a little fussy today.


  1. Hooray!!!! Big day!!
    Good job, Team Kraft!

  2. Wow! Such a big day! Looks like she did awesome :) I love the healthy lunch you packed too!!