Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow days 2015: Day seven

The one day they did go to school 
Jason has started smiling!

Play dough food for babies 

Doing homework! Pretend, of course!

Snow Tuesday 

Ice Thursday 

The kids were out of school Tuesday through Friday last week and starting Tuesday this week. We are all ready to get back to a routine...but in the mean time, we have had play dates, lots of Daddy stories, some sort-of sledding--where I just pulled the kids, and another trip to Big E Bounce and a trip to Walmart where they actually insisted on helping me out because I had so much stuff plus I was pushing a stroller and pulling the cart! (I very rarely go to Walmart, Stacey, but it was on my way and I had a time constraint with the kids and impending bad weather!) Here are some pictures to go with the activity list:


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  1. Haha! At least they were helpful (by "they", I'm assuming you mean a Walmart employee?) :) I love how both the kids are standing in the chairs in the play dough pic, btw. No sitting for such an important activity!