Thursday, October 24, 2013

Griffin Farms

Saturday, despite a rainy start, we headed over to Griffin Farms for their pumpkin patch and were pleasantly surprised by their petting zoo area, hay bales to climb, corn crib to swim in, and corn maze to walk through. All of that plus the hay ride out to pick out our pumpkin and the pumpkins cost $10 per person over two. Great deal! And we had a great time! The weather was a little cooler, so we actually felt like it was fall while we were doing our Halloween trip to the pumpkin patch! We would definitely go back! (Of course, it was no where near as great at Huber's in Indiana, and the thought did cross our minds that Stephanie and Brandon could do this with a spare ten acres on the Stemm/Bratcher property!)

The petting "zoo"!

Climbing and playing on the hay bales!

Olivia and Leo loving playing in the corn!

The corn maze!

Trying to get good pictures of the kids was tough!

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