Monday, April 11, 2011

The first dip of 2011

Olivia and I went to the pool today for our first dip of the season. The baby pool was warm, so we stayed there. Daddy took our picture on the way:

Olivia wasn't thrilled at first:

But got pretty excited when I splashed the water with my feet:

Then we headed for the adjacent playground to do some serious sliding (at least 20 runs):

Earlier today Olivia fell asleep on the way home from running errands, and I got the elusive picture of my sleeping baby...since she is almost not a baby anymore, but a toddler and usually sleeps in her crib with the lights out, which is not good for picture-taking:

And a cute one of Olivia eating her frozen blueberries for breakfast. This all started when she wanted some of mine that I had put on my Cheerios. She loves them!

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