Saturday, May 6, 2017

Snapshots of life (April and May 2017)

We're busy but not too busy... I relish the Fridays I have with Leo off school since he only goes to preschool Monday through Thursday. Kindergarten starts July 10, so I can feel the time becoming more precious!!

A few weeks ago we went to the spring festival/fundraiser at Olivia's school called Walleypalooza. The kids had fun and ate lots of junk. Olivia got her face painted and had fairy hair put in, which is really just tinsel tied on to a couple of strands of hair. I remember the neat feeling of being in your school not during school hours, and I could see that feeling in Olivia. So sweet!

Leo's preschool class put on a Mothers Day program on Thursday. The songs made me cry and seeing Leo teach me to make flowers from tissue warmed my heart that he is ready for Kindergarten! 

These are the brother moments and fleeting Leo moments I am going to miss when Leo heads to Kindergarten! Parks and play time are ingrained in our week!

We caught a sight of a beautiful rainbow on Saturday morning at 6:15! It totally made it worth getting up so early!

I got to chaperone Olivia's field trip to the zoo!! It was fun to see her interact with her classmates. And we lucked out with beautiful weather!

We went to Olivia's reading celebration on Friday. Her class read over 53,000 minutes outside of school since December. Olivia personally read 5,180 minutes! Her reading has really taken off this year!

And our garden is growing!

We baked bread from scratch using Grandma's recipe one cool Saturday a few weeks ago. It was awesome and so great to share the making of it with the kids! Olivia requested we bake bread since her teacher taught them how to do it in a bread machine that week as an introduction to "how to" writing. Olivia really lucked out with an awesome teacher this year!!

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  1. Wow! Olivia accounted for 10% of her class's total! That's so awesome!

    I love the picture of you and Leo on mother's day ... a framer for sure! So sweet!