Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring pictures

I vow to you, dear reader, that the next time we try to get family pictures that we will hire a professional. Doing it yourself is for the birds!! Here is what we got!

And I took a few of the outside of our house a week or two ago since the flowers were blooming!


  1. I think they look good. It's so hard to do them by yourself, but you did a great job. You still were able to get great shots of the kids by themselves and a family photo. That's no easy task on your own. Maybe a photo-savy neighbor could help next time.

  2. I think they are awesome!! Olivia and Leo are so sweet together ... Jason looks like he isn't a fan of pictures even though he is so darn cute!

    Your house is beautiful, btw! Not sure if I've ever seen the whole front before.