Saturday, April 15, 2017

It's springtime!!

It's spring time and we have been enjoying all the good weather!! Here's what we've been up to:

My favorite picture of the kids lately is from when they were playing kitchen and washing the dishes:

I mulched the beds and we planted our garden March 26. We put in beans, cucumbers, sunflowers, and one tomato. I moved out herbs to pots near the back patio. We planted zinnias again in front of the irises we got in the fall from Nicholas's friend.


We bought a new couch!! New to us at least... I guess I need to take a better picture!



Life keeps chugging away--homework, violin, piano, dinner, laundry, yada yada yada...

We got the piano tuned by a really cool older guy who tuned instruments for the North Carolina Symphony. I found out it was built in 1909 and a lot of other things about it and pianos in general. So cool!

Olivia continues to work at violin, and especially loves an audience:

My group of friends had an Easter egg hunt last weekend and the ice cream truck came after:


Sunday we went to a Lego Expo at the convention center. It was fun, but we probably wouldn't do it again.

This week has been my boys' spring break from preschool. We went to a playground most days or the Museum of Life and Science. Friday, Olivia came, too, since she was off school:



Nicholas and I got out for a date to see Beauty and the Beast Saturday night at Cinebistro, and it was great! Love the idea of dinner and a movie!

We started potty training Jason Thursday. He consistently wakes up dry in the morning and will go potty. I am putting his underwear on and a pull-up over it, and that is working for us to minimize accidents and cleanup while allowing him to learn.

Jason's speech is up to par according to the speech therapist, so we are stopping for now. We are going to check him for articulation problems in the fall since he is still young for that now. Some of the things he says a lot are, "I no want that one!" "Mommy sleep in my room?!!" "That guy mean." "Look, a digger!!"

Also, Jason LOVES ice cream! And the ice cream truck makes it's way through our neighborhood a lot!

This morning we went strawberry picking in the sunshine and perfect weather!! Delicious!

Some of Olivia's art was displayed at the local mall! We're so proud!


  1. There is so much to love in this post. First, of course you like the picture of the kids doing dishes; they are doing dishes!!! I love the garden. It's great and already doing so much! Yay for your new couch. It's nice to get a refresh every now and then. Hooray for musical kids. I'm so glad they are liking the piano and violin.
    I'm totally impressed that Jason is starting potty training. Yay you/Nicholas and Yay Jason!!
    How was her artwork selected to be displayed? I want to know more!

    1. Some of the local schools were chosen to represent the area, and Olivia's art teacher chose the pieces to display. There are about 900 kids at her school, and probably about 100 pieces were displayed.

  2. Your kids are such good friends. I love that they have so much fun together! And you guys are both such involved parents! I can't wait until Graham becomes more interactive so we can do family activities like this :)