Monday, January 23, 2017

Jason is two!!

I can't believe Jason is two!! The years have FLOWN by! 

He had a good birthday on Friday starting with one present before Olivia was off to school!

We had a laid back morning and an afternoon playing outside with friends.

Not surprisingly, Jason loves cake!


He'll always be our baby even if he is two!!

And for a few stats: he had his we'll visit today


35.25 inches - 75%
29 lbs 9 oz - 75 %
Head - 20 inches - 95%

Jason has about 100 words and some of his short sentences include "Here it is." "What doing?" And "Mama, one more please." He has the best laugh ever and we are so happy to have this joyful boy!!

On a side note, we are slowly heading into potty training thanks to the birthday underwear he wants to wear! This is Jason doing his happy dance in celebration of his Cars underwear.

He wore them all day Saturday and much of the day Sunday. I think if I really cared to put him on the potty every 30-45 minutes, he could keep them dry, but I am just not willing. So, he goes before his bath and any other time he asks to or I think about it, and I keep him in a diaper.


  1. I love this! Happy Birthday, Jason! The look on his face for the cake is too cute. I love his happy dance!

  2. Wow! He's so grown up!! I love the picture where he's covering his mouth in excitement ... that's a framer!