Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow!! And snow days!

We got about a half inch of sleet and a half inch of sno Friday night to Saturday morning, so we had a morning of sledding on our driveway and a three days off school! Whoa! Some parts of the county got more snow, and the temp went above freezing for the first time today, so I guess I see that...

Here was the fun part!




By Saturday afternoon, the ice on our driveway was melted, so we went to the hill by our pool that remains in the shade, so it stayed frozen through Monday.

Jason wasn't sure about the snow at first.

By the end of the day, Jason jumped on the sled and went himself if we weren't fast enough!

Walking home at sunset in 22 degree weather.
Snocones from concentrated Kool Aid:

And more fun each day! Sunday:


  1. How fun! I'm glad they got to play outside in it. Yay for snow angels! think the gloves on Jason might be a size too big. ;-) We are expecting ice today, so everything is shut down and schools are closed - I'm even home, too!

  2. Looks like fun!! I guess kids can help you remember how to enjoy cold weather and snow again!