Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Leo in the middle

This guy! Leo turned 4 1/2 on August 1, and we celebrated with some cake and special playtime! He is at such a fun age and is such a unique kid, who probably doesn't get as much attention as our other two. Birth order really is a thing! Here are a few facts about Leo:

* Leo loves Legos and will play with them on his own or with Olivia for tens of minutes at a time...or even longer!

* Leo loves to build with anything!

* Leo loves to dive and swim and jump in the water! He has taken swim lessons throughout the summer--rather inconsistently lately with all the sickness in our house--and has done great!!

* Leo took his turn with illness last week with an eye infection and ear infection which then led into some kind of head cold. Poor baby had a fever in this photo and asked me to turn on his "good night" music--"Let It Go" and he promptly fell asleep. 

* Leo is going into PreK in September. He knows all his letters and sounds, is reading a bit, can write his name, and is very ready to go back to preschool!

* Leo wants to learn martial arts! We read a lot of Lego and ninja books now, and he is totally into them! He starts Tae Kwon Do in less than two weeks!

* Leo is funny! He likes silly jokes and tries to tell them. He usually walks into our room in the morning and yells, "Boo!" Thankfully, we are usually awake beforehand!

* Leo is a gamer. He loves playing games on the iPad, computer, and watching Dad and Olivia play minecraft on the playstation. 

* Leo is our most laid back kid. I can get work done with him in the house like I can't with the others. When Jason naps, he is happy to sit next to me and work on or play with Legos while I work. He likes to show me stuff, but isn't overly interrupting.


  1. First of all, I love that you celebrate half-birthdays. That's awesome. I love the tidbits about Leo's likes and interests. He's an awesome kid. You've done a great job with helping him become his own little man.

  2. Such a sweet boy. Yay for Legos! Maybe he will be some sort of engineer when he grows up. I also love that his goodnight music is "Let It Go"! :)