Sunday, August 7, 2016

27 months pregnant + 37 months nursing, Done!

Wow! After 27 months of being pregnant and 37 months of nursing, my body is just mine again! With the rough start to nursing I had with Olivia, I was doubly glad to be able to nurse Leo and Jason nearly 18 months each. I had to stop nursing Leo cold turkey because I was so bad at weaning. Jason is sleeping through the night so weaning him has been better.

Friday, July 29 was my last day of nursing Jason. We were down to two to three times a day. Nicholas put him to bed while I went out, and we made it through the weekend without too much push back from Jason. Nicholas even got him to take a nap in his crib in Sunday!  

This is our trip to Dunkin last Sunday...we all deserved it!

Jason, Leo, and I went to marbles Monday...

And by Tuesday Jason was sick... Really sick. His fever got up to 104 on Thursday even though he started antibiotics Wednesday. He was diagnosed with strep and an ear infection on Wednesday, but by Saturday his fever continued. His ears were worse, so he got new antibiotics then. Thank goodness his fever finally broke that evening. It was quite a week and he was pretty frustrated and unhappy. He fell asleep on me several times, which is highly unusual. Poor, sweet baby!

Sunday morning he was feeling better, so we went for a short boat trip. It was Olivia and Nicholas's first kayak ride! They had fun and made much more progress around the lake than we did. We had fun, too, in the paddle boat. Jason fell asleep on the way home.

The rest of the day was inside building forts and watching a movie while thunderstorms passed.

Being finished nursing is bittersweet. I'm glad to have my body back, but there really is a certain bond between a mom and her nursing child. However, now when Jason wakes at five, I am much more motivated to go out for a walk or jog rather than sit and nurse!


  1. Amazing how much time mother's dedicate their bodies to their kids, not to mention the lifetime of love and care! You are awesome! Also glad that Jason is feeling better and that you guys had a fun weekend!

  2. You are awesome! This is a great post. It shows how much you love your kiddos. Poor little Jason. I'm glad he is better. And yay for Nicholas and Olivia. They look like they had a great time.
    P.S. I love the int pillow up against the bed. How cool is that.