Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Myrtle beach, 2016

I took an absurdly few photos at the beach... with the sand and water, but we had lots of fun! Leo learned to boogie board and didn't want to stop, Olivia boogie boarded farther and longer than last year and did it every trip down to the beach, and Jason thoroughly enjoyed wallowing in the sand! We dug a hole that filled with water each trip and he played in it. Jason also liked jumping the waves in our arms, chasing the waves, and laying down and letting the water rush around him. Leo and Olivia liked jumping the waves, picking up shells, and building forts around mermaid cove--the hole we dug for Jason to play in. Nicholas and I each got minutes of sitting in the beach chair and lots of time playing with our kiddos in the sunshine! Jason took great naps, and I napped with him each day. We swam at the water parks, too, and I liked the lazy rivers. On Monday, Olivia and Leo discovered the water slides, and held hands and walked together to go down them about twenty times! No pictures of that either, but Nicholas and I got to drink our tiki drinks and talk while they did that, with only Jason hiding and pooping while we did! Ha!

The beach through a plastic bag over my phone the first day:

The playground:

Attempting some family photos at the end, with a close up of Olivia who lost her second top tooth this morning!


  1. Few pictures meant you were actually enjoying yourself rather than "focusing" on recording it!

  2. I love so many things about this post: mermaid cove tells me Olivia and Leo named Jason's water hole; "minutes of sitting" tells me you were able to have some minor relaxation, but it was mostly play; fewer pictures means you were focusing on other things. That's wonderful. It looks like a great way to celebrate your anniversary and have family time, too!

  3. Such a beautiful family! I love that you took naps everyday and got to enjoy drinks and adult time with Nicholas while the kids played (or pooped, as the case may be! ha!).