Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First day of first grade!! 7/11/16

It happened!! Olivia did great! She loves her teacher and is glad half of her Kindergarten class is with her still! 

I love this tooth blank smile!

Look how much she's grown!!

She was finished with pictures here!

And she was thrilled to get some homework! Spelling test at the end of the week!

Plus an example of her work from Wednesday--the third day--showing "inventive spelling" that they teach:

I had a swim meet. I swam backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. I won three ribbons. They were participations. I got an icee. I stayed up past my parents bedtime.


  1. Thrilled for homework? Glad you documented it to show her later! :) Also, I love her whole outfit ... she looks so French!

  2. I agree, she does look French! She's adorable. I love that look when she was done with pictures. And, I love that she's excited about homework. What a big girl!!