Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We spent Thanksgiving here this year, and were excited to have Mutti and Uncle Chuck stay with us for the holiday! The kids love them both and were so happy to play and play and play with them!

As usual, I took few photos, but you get the gist...lots of food and fun! Nicholas's student from Alabama who now works with him at ABB also joined us!

We have SO much to be thankful for! My top blessings are three healthy kids, a husband who works hard for us and loves us, family who cares about us even from afar, friends near and far, plenty of food, shelter, and education for us and our kids. I take for granted all those blessings, so Thanksgiving is a special reminder to me, and my favorite holiday!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like you had a wonderful one :)

  2. Oohh! Carmel rolls. I should have come down. :-) It looks like you all had a good time.