Sunday, November 8, 2015

Everyday fun!

This week was kind of gross with rain, but we still managed to have lots of outside time! We followed the street drains around our neighborhood and learned where they all lead--to a bog beside our neighborhood! We also hit a few playgrounds and the zoo on Sunday!

Random photo of Leo eating broccoli:

The boys playing at Marbles when it was too rainy for outside:

And then a playground picture:

And my birthday trip to the zoo! The NC zoo is huge--like 420 acres, so the habitats are big! We walked a lot and timed out Jason's naps for the car rides. There were four lion cubs who look almost grown now! Plus black bears and grizzly bears and polar bears! And Olivia had to go see the otters twice! Good times!


  1. I'm with Olivia. Otters are the best! They always put on the best performances!

  2. I love that Olivia wore an animal print outfit for the zoo. Such a little fashionista! Great family photo :)

  3. What sweet babies you have. I love that photo of Jason peaking through the window.