Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sunny days

A little tummy time: Jason is getting very strong, even though he has yet to roll over!

On picture day at school, when I put a button up shirt on Leo, he said, "Now I look like Daddy !"

I went to my first mommy and me yoga class last week with Jason. We both had a great time! And now I know how to do yoga with the baby better. So we have been doing that first thing every morning around 540 or so! Jason continues to love it and so do I!

Picnics on our driveway in nice weather are so fun! I have been taking turns reading a book of Leo's, then a chapter from one of Olivia's chapter books, and then singing a song for Jason. They all seem happy with this!

I found another carrier for Jason, that works for Olivia and Leo too actually! The only problem is that when I wash it I have to iron it.

Mutti came for the weekend to meet Jason and see the other kids! We had a great time visiting! Olivia and Leo wore her out playing, and Jason felt like a first child being held and cooed at!

We went to Kids Together playground on Sunday afternoon to enjoy the great weather.

Monday afternoon we played in the backyard a lot and Jane read to the kids for their settle down time.

We bought a playhouse yesterday, but it wouldn't fit in the van to bring it home. Hopefully it will fit with the seats out today!

 So, as consolation, the kids played in water in our driveway with the neighbors all afternoon! They had a great time!

Since I haven't had very many bath pictures of Jason, I thought I would show him with his belly. He's getting so big! He's a voracious nurser and he is sleeping pretty well, too – from 8:45 PM to 1:45 AM last night and then just waking once before he woke at 5:40! I am working so hard to do E.A.S.Y.: eat, activity, sleep, your time!


  1. I wish I had figured out the EASY system with John...

    Outside neighbor playtime is the BEST!!!! In fact, I don't even know where in the neighborhood my kids are right now!

  2. I hope that is a huge Diet Coke in the picnic picture ... you totally deserve it! :)

  3. Jason looks so strong! I'm impressed. I love that the ring-wrap works well for little one and big kids. I imagine the extra fabric would be good for nursing, too.
    Hooray for baby yoga. That's great. I know you enjoy it and feel so much better when you can do it. I love his little face in the picture in this one - he either wants the camera or is trying to wave to it.
    The taking turns with the kids is great - You should schedule two-minutes of corpse pose in the rotation!
    And yay for Mutti's visit. Now if I can just get down there!

  4. I don't understand ironing the ring sling...