Monday, March 30, 2015

Jason is two months!

Jason turned two months on March 20! Wow has time flown! He is smiling, following things with his eyes, batting at objects, trying to roll over, and getting fussy when he is bored. He likes when people talk or sing to him, and he likes rattles and toys that make sounds. He loves his bath in the evening and his morning yoga. He coos "oh", "ooo", "ah", "who", and "ga". He sleeps in the Bjorne, the Moby, in my arms, and in his car seat well for naps. If Nicholas or I can get him to sleep in his car seat for bed time, he will sleep up to six hours! After that he is up every two to three hours. I am still trying to get him to take a paci and a bottle. 

At his two month appointment last Monday, he weighed 14 lb 6 oz and was 23 inches long, which were the 90th and 75th percentiles. We love our big baby!! Stop growing so fast!


  1. He is a big boy! I love that little pot belly and am so looking forward to seeing him!

  2. Such a cutie! Happy two month b-day, Jason!