Sunday, August 4, 2013

Swim Lessons (Olivia, take two)

You'll remember that we started swim lesson for Olivia the third week in June, but only went for one class because it was kind of a disaster. I blogged about it in this post. We started again on July 22 for a two week class, and this time went great! I told Olivia the rule was that parents could only sit on the side of the pool in the chairs and not be near the kids. We lucked out in that there were only two kids in Olivia's group--her and one other little girl who was four, but about Olivia's size. The pool area was a lot quieter, too, so that helped. Olivia kind of looked like she might cry for the first five minutes of the first day, but I kept smiling and giving her thumbs up signs, and she seemed to loosen up and get excited. She really liked her teacher, Justin, and liked the little games they played to 1) blow bubbles under the water, 2) kick, 3) float on their backs in a starfish pattern, 4) put their faces in the water, 5) use their "ice cream scoop" hands to paddle. 

This is what Leo was doing while Olivia was taking swim lessons:

Unfortunately, Leo got sick on the day of the fourth lesson, so we skipped that day. Then we all got sick, and we are still sick. I kept thinking it was going to get better this week, but I am still dragging badly and last night Olivia woke with ear pain for the first time. Today, fortunately, our pediatrician had office hours. Olivia has a double ear infection 11 days after the first cold symptoms. Leo is still sick, too. They are both on antibiotics, as am I. I really, really hope Nicholas doesn't get it, as he has been holding us all together. He stayed with Olivia on Tuesday while I took a nap that morning. That was my worst day. Wednesday wasn't much better, but I decided that day to "be better." So, I overdid it. But, I didn't push Olivia back to swim lessons because she felt terrible. She felt a bit better Thursday, but we didn't go back then, either, because she had had a fever within 24 hours. We'll go back next year, and until then, practice what she has learned!


  1. Ugh, those first four years are filled with viruses, infections, and colds... It gets better, and it's definitely better to get their immunity built up now, so that you aren't dealing with a sick kid every week in kindergarten!

  2. Who new parking lots could be so fun?! Hope you are feeling better now!