Saturday, May 11, 2013

Survival mode...just pictures for the grandparents

Keeping the kids occupied. Leo loves being under the tent. Olivia loves "decorating" it.

I got about a fifteen minute break the other day while the kids watched a show with Daddy. It worked out less well for him, so we haven't done it again.

Leo loves the Fur Real puppy Olivia got from Abby last year.

Really loves it!

Leo is getting more verbal everyday! And he loves music/singing/banging/noise of almost any kind.

The upside/downside of Daddy being on a no-chew diet is that he requests milkshakes. The kids also want them. Even Leo.

Today was quite a day. Lots of whining--I was about to lose it. But then we went to the splash pad to play and we accidentally crashed someone's birthday party. I decided to go ahead and play. The parents came over and it turned out that I knew them from Leo's Kindermusik class. They offered me champagne and apple juice for the kids. Things started looking up! Look who is using a big kid cup!


  1. champagne! that is my kind of kid-party! :)

  2. You look like you are at least one level up from survival mode. My survival mode isn't nearly as fun for the boys...
    Good job!!!

  3. Sounds like you got that champagne at the precise moment you needed it!

  4. For being MIA for a while, you're quite the opposite. I'm glad for it. I'm hoping this means you aren't to the pulling-out-your-hair stage. :-)