Monday, May 20, 2013

Nicholas update

Nicholas is still recovering, but after one week mostly spent in bed, he started getting up and around for an hour or two at a time on some days. He had, and has, good days and bad days. He's found that he can eat scrambled eggs, mini raviolis, pudding, mashed potatoes, soft rice, and beans without chewing. On Mother's Day, he did four loads of laundry for me and helped the kids make me cards. I was very grateful knowing what an effort it was. Last Wednesday, he went into work, and was wiped out when he came home. Thursday, he went into work, and came home and took care of kids for an hour while I napped since I was so exhausted from taking care of everything on my own for two weeks. I was SO grateful for that nap. Each day Nicholas is doing a little more, and I think he is doing amazingly well for the extensive surgery he had. And I am so thankful each day as I get my husband and as the kids get their daddy back!

The x-rays show that his airway is more than doubled from before (4 mm to more than 8 mm). Nicholas's breathing is much better, and we can tell because he is not snoring and is already waking feeling more rested. The doctor says the recovery time is six weeks until he can chew, but Nicholas has his REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates...funded by the NSF) starting at the end of the month, he moves offices this week on campus, he has lots of research administration work to do, and a full plate of research and other commitments. He's already back in the saddle!


  1. Here's to a good recovery! I'm glad the result is worth the costs!!!

  2. I'm glad to hear Nicholas is recovering well and is feeling better. It's amazing what an difference quality sleep can make in your life.