Saturday, December 9, 2017

December track out! Week one!

After Thanksgiving, we came home on a Saturday and put up Christmas decorations on Sunday...while watching White Christmas, of course!

Then, the kids had school for one week and then they tracked out. 

The first Saturday of track out we went on the New Hope Valley Santa Train for the first time. It was cute and fun! It was a real train with four cars. They gave the kids a list of items to find as the train was going to keep them engaged. Then Santa visited each car! Fun!

Then that afternoon I helped at Olivia’s friends spa birthday party! It was cute, but I hope Olivia doesn’t want to do that!

Later, we went on our first family bike ride thanks to Bill and Tamara’s birthday presents to Nicholas! Jason loved it!

Sunday we went to a fundraiser Breakfast with Santa event for the non-profit I volunteer with, Grow Our Kids. It. Was. Awesome! Seriously they had the best Santa ever! He knew our kids names, their teachers names, and what he got them for Christmas last year! So cool! They had crafts that were just involved enough to keep the kids entertained while Santa made his rounds. Then he did a fun story time! And breakfast was good, too! (I swear the boys had a better time than these pictures indicate!)

Next year, I am making us all dress up!

Monday through Thursday I had Olivia signed up for a nature camp at a local nature reserve part of each day. While she was there, the boys and I played.

On Monday at Pullen Park:

Tuesday at Ritter Park after Jason’s school:

That evening Olivia didn’t feel well and had a low fever, so she stayed home with us Wednesday, while Nicholas traveled to William and Mary in VA to give a talk. Olivia ended up having strep throat, so we laid low the rest of the week.

We did do play dough and I organized all our play dough junk...

And Leo taught me how to play mankala...

Bill and Tamara, you can see the Advent Calendar you have us in this photo hanging on the wall. The kids love it!! Thank you!

Then today, Saturday, Lisa came over to bake sugar cookies. We made bread and soup ahead of time on this cold day, and we had lots of fun decorating!

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