Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas 2017

We stayed in NC for Christmas this year again and had a really relaxing one!

Saturday we baked Boston Seed cookies—Nicholas cut up much of the fruit, and I mixed and shaped and baked them.

Later, we took a family bike ride to the kids’ school and played in the nature area and on the playground. It was fun and I hope just the beginning to our family bike rides! 

On Christmas Eve we played board games, baked sugar cookies for Santa, and played outside during the day.

Then we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Chinese take-out on china.

Then we fed the reindeer, checked the Santa tracker, Nicholas read “The Night Before Christmas,” and we put the kids to bed.

And thennnnn...Christmas morning started at 6:30!!

We opened presents and played all day. None of us got out of our pajamas! I made corn pudding and cold ham for lunch, and Nicholas and I just enjoyed the kids playing. They spent hours putting together Legos and riding scooters through the house.

We are thankful for the family time we had and for the many gifts our family received!

Tuesday we finally ventured out to enjoy some of the outside gifts.
I have been nursing a yucky cold since Saturday, so my list of things to get done over break hasn’t been touched, unfortunately. But I am lucky that Nicholas is home and happy to play with the kids!

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  1. Your kids are awesome. I love to see them grow. How did the Boston seed cookies turn out? Worth it!? Chinese on china is a wonderful tradition. I'm ready to break out the china, but with my kids it would just be breaking the china.