Thursday, June 15, 2017

Swim lessons, swim team, and swimming 2017

The pool opened Memorial Day weekend and we have been there a lot since! Olivia has swim practice four days a week, Leo was excited for swim lessons again this year, and Jason is floating around in his ouddle jumper and tube like a champ!

Leo was happy to have his same swim instructor this year, and after four private lessons, he is swimming like a fish!!

Here are some pool highlights from Leo's lessons and other pool days!


Jason floating around:

And Olivia had her first swim meet Tuesday!! She is loving swim team and is working hard, swimming all four strokes (free, back, breast, butterfly) and both relays at the meets (medley, free). Here are some highlights:



  1. I love this! Yay for all your little fishes!! Thank you for the videos, too!

  2. Music, sports ... what can't your kids do?! I'm in awe!

    Also, I didn't realize the Leo slide video was slo-mo at first and I was thinking, "Man, he sure is able to control his speed well down that slide" Ha!