Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Little Leo is growing up!

Leo had his first buzz haircut, a la Nicholas, a couple of weekends ago. I was sick of paying $15 for bad haircuts and Nicholas was willing. Leo did great!! There was about 2 inches of hair on the floor!

And a few weeks ago, Leo asked to go into Olivia's violin lesson. When he heard Polina accompany Olivia on the piano, he leaned over and said he wanted to learn to play piano! I jumped at the chance and five days later he had his first lesson. His teacher was great, and Leo practiced several times each day after that lesson!



  1. I love this. I cut all the guys' hair in my house... except the dog. Yay for Leo letting Nicholas use the electric trimmer! And yay for Leo playing piano. I love that!

  2. Yay for piano and saving money on haircuts! You are going to have a family orchestra soon!