Sunday, February 26, 2017

The rest of February

We had Leo's birthday party on February 4 at home. He invited three friends, and it was loosely Nexo Knight themed. They decorated cardboard shields, launched marshmallows with popsicle stick catapults, played all over the house, and ate junk! So much fun!


We also hit the zoo one weekend:

Took an art class to make Seven Dwarves masks!

Went to a new playground:

Had a fun Valentines Day with Leo's class:

Had fun painting when Olivia came home inspired from art class at school:

Nicholas went to Austria got a conference:

And we had nine kinds of shenanigans:


Three legged dog: Jason is learning yoga!


  1. Can I come live at your house?? Seems like there is always something fun going on there!!

  2. I agree with Stacey. I don't know how you do it. Your house looks great, your kids look happy, and you always have baked goods.