Friday, September 9, 2016

The first day of preschool!

Leo and Jason started separate preschools on Tuesday!! Leo is the the "Owls" class, which is a four day four-year-old class and Jason is in a two day toddler class. (They are in separate schools because Leo's school doesn't have a toddler program, and Jason's school's four year old program gets out forty five minutes after the toddler class does, which doesn't work for getting Jason a nap. Fortunately, the schools are just a few blocks away from each other. So my schedule goes like this: drop Leo off at nine, drop Jason off at 9:15, go home and work, pick up Jason at 12:15, he falls asleep in the car as we pick up Leo at 12:30.)

Anyway, what we really care about: pictures!

Preview day for Leo's class:

Preview day for Jason:

First day!! Look at these cuties!

Leo had a great day playing and learning! I'm excited about his year full of crafts, music, science, and playing before Kindergarten--when all that goes out the window! Most of Leo's friends from last year are at other schools or in other four-year-old classes. We are proud of him for making his own way!

Jason's class is transitioning to the full three hours by doing two weeks of 1.5 hour days. When I dropped him on the first day, he cried. :( He cried during transitions and was crying when I picked him up. Poor boy. The second day, he didn't cry at drop off, but cried a little during transitions. I was there first to pick him up, and he just cried a bit when he saw me. He is doing really well, though! Here are some pictures from his teacher.


  1. Your boys are so adorable! Yay for Leo making new friends! Sounds like Jason is doing well too ... he just needs a little time to adjust to his new routine. I'm sure it's hard for Mama to see the tears, so hang in there!

  2. Sweet boys. They'll learn so much and have a great time when it all becomes routine. You are doing a great job of making it work!