Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Leo's spring break 2016, plus

The Leo's spring break was pretty uneventful after three weeks of track out with Olivia and a weekend with cousins. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I worked while Leo "worked" next to me and Jason napped. We hit some playgrounds and had special reading time and went to Marbles on what seemed like the busiest day of the year! But, that gave us the opportunity to seek out the activities there that are less-popular, usually the more time-consuming ones! We had fun!

Jason's favorite part was "washing" the pets!

And he is often back to two naps a day since he has not been feeling great lately.

We also planted our very small garden--three cherry tomatoes, two strawberry plants, a cucumber, some lavender, and five or so herbs in the front.

Jason has been loving the playgrounds!! The video I don't have is of him crawling up the stairs to the slide, turning around, and going safely down on his belly feet first! He's amazing!

Olivia lost her third tooth Sunday!! She was very excited since it had been a while the tooth fairy visited!

Last week I caught the stomach bug and didn't eat one day, and probably didn't drink enough. That's a mistake you don't want to make when you are nursing. I woke up during the night shaking all over, my body cramping up, and my teeth chattering. Poor Nicholas had to get me a blanket, Gatorade, and a heating pad to get me calmed down. Jason hasn't been feeling great, either, and has been attached to me. It's sometimes hard for me to get dressed. This was one of those days that I just couldn't put him down without shrieks. So, life isn't always as glamorous as I post!  


  1. LOL. The fact that you posted at all is pretty glamorous!!! Keep on keepin' on!!!

  2. I hope you (and Jason) are feeling better! You still look great even not feeling well!

  3. Im glad Leo's been working with you. That's cute. I'm so sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. It's so hard when mommy is down b/c your never out are you! Take care!