Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Another day, another dollar

Exploring the woods behind our neighborhood a while back:

Jason loving some yogurt, and eating it himself!

From cold weather to summer in an instant! Leo loves watermelon!

Brothers in their car!!

Eating the cauliflower crust pizza! He loved it and practically ate the whole pizza in the course of two days!

I love Olivia's Kindergarten schedule and am happy that some days I can pull her from school at 12:45 without feeling guilty since she just had lunch and recess  after that! We went to Marbles last week and had so much fun on a slow afternoon!  Also, Jason is learning to love playing with blocks!

A family hike to Bass Lake near us! We are so lucky to have all these great parks nearby!

Another playground on a Tuesday morning:

Trying to instill in the kids how good we have it by giving to a good cause "Grow Our Kids." I'm challenging myself to do something with the kids for this cause weekly.

Someday I will give some real updates about what everyone is up to and how everyone is doing! Busy and great are the answers!


  1. I love the pictures! Don't worry about detailed updates - we'll just appreciate it more when we read it.

  2. Love that you are getting the kids involved in giving! And they look like they enjoyed it too! Volunteering is something that Mike and I don't do often enough ... you've inspired me!

    Also, love the British-style driving arrangement with the two boys in the car ... so cute!