Friday, January 1, 2016

Oh, what fun!! Holiday trip 2015!

We got on the road by seven ten Saturday morning and made pretty good time! We made it to Louisville before 5:30. Jason cooperated with his naps.

Our first stop was Grandpa Bill's and Tamara's for two nights. Here are some photos from Christmas at Grandpa and Tamara's:

Olivia LOVED her fan and tea set, Leo loved his Legos, and Jason loved the boxes!

We had fun playing inside the next day with all the new toys!

Then Monday we had Stemm family Christmas, less Heidi and her family who couldn't make it. Dinner was delicious and present opening was raucous!

We played Tuesday and Thursday at the farm. The kids had tea parties, fashion shows, played with barn scenes and Legos, played bear and wolves using overturned couches as dens, and went for walks in the woods and threw rocks in the pond. We had such a great visit!

Jason was such a happy baby most of the trip, but on our last night he woke at ten pm and stayed up until 1 am. He wrong in the new year with four new teeth!! He's up to sixteen cut through the gum line, but not all the way in!

Wednesday we had Christmas at Mutti's house! We got to visit with her, Uncle Chuck, and Jeffery! The kids had fun playing with their presents and with Jane's dog Bug! I got to sneak away and have coffee with my old friend Stacey, and it was so good to catch up even if just for an hour!


  1. It looks like the visits went very well. I'm so sorry we missed you. I'm glad everyone was cooperative. Considering that Jason cut so many new teeth, it seems he did quite well. Yay for catching up with Stacey, too!

  2. It was SO nice to see you and I love that we can pick up right where we left off! <3