Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jason is ONE!!

Our sweet last baby is one!! Twelve months have flown by and now Jason has sixteen teeth, is crawling fast, is cruising everywhere, eats most things, drinks from a cup like a pro, sleeps better than his older siblings at one, loves music, bubbles, and playing hide and seek, is 30.25 inches (75th %) and weighs 22 lbs 9 ounces (75th %) totally naked! 

We just had a little party at home with our immediate family, but opened presents from family far away! I got one-on-one time with Jason while the big kids were at school to play Legos and knock them over, do finger plays and bounces, snuggle, and play hide-and seek. The night before I made a lasagna--Jason's favorite food--, a cake, and decorated.

Nicholas came home early for "the party!" Bubbles, music, a small piƱata with boxed raisins for Jason, and dancing!

Jason literally rolled in the raisins! Ha!

And, of course, cake!! Leo picked the flavored, and Jason was a fan!

Happy birthday, Jason! You'll always be my baby!


  1. Happy Birthday little man! I'm so impressed that he drinks from a cup! Isaac still isn't good at it. He looks like he had a great birthday. I love that he was rolling in the raisins! That's funny.

  2. That cake does look delicious! Happy Birthday, Jason!!