Wednesday, December 23, 2015

More track out/Christmas activities

Olivia and I went to the Nutcracker at NC State on December 12, and had a great time! My friend Lisa came with us for the second time in a row, and it was fun to see the different performances. Last year we saw the Carolina ballet. This year we saw the city ballet with a lot of ballet students in it. The performance was great! There was a mouse queen instead of a mouse king, which Olivia loved! Seeing all the little dancers makes Olivia want to join ballet again! 

The kids and I went to the life and science museum in Durham on December 15. The weather was absurd Lee warm and they were able to wait in the creek in the new Hideaway Woods. We had a great time plane! Even Jason!

Leo had a fever when we got home from the museum that night though. The next day I kept him home from his last day of preschool. Then on December 17, I took all three kids to the doctor for coughs and the fever. We all had pneumonia! I actually got him to take a nap two days in a row by driving him around in the car listening to "Let it go", which he calls his good night music. Poor sweet Leo!

We did see the lights around town on December 18 in the evening as a family to kick off Nicholas's start to Christmas vacation! We had fun!

On the 19th, Nicholas and I were supposed to go to a and adult only holiday party in the neighborhood, but the plague has hit our neighborhood and the hosts had to cancel. Nicholas and I got to go see the new Star Wars! In the meantime the kids and I made some cinnamon ornaments that day! Our house smells delicious, but the kids wouldn't let me give them away to the neighbors!

Sweet Jason turned 11 months on December 20. He is such a joy and a danger! To himself! He is climbing up stairs, pulling up on everything, pushing things around to walk with, pulling things out of cabinets, unrolling toilet paper rolls, and just being a cute, curious baby. He has 11 teeth now and is in the process of cutting five more!

Tuesday our neighborhood cookie exchange was canceled due to the plague that hit our neighborhood but hasn't hit our house yet. But before I knew that, I baked these beautiful sugar cookies!

After weeks of great weather, the rain has come. We had a lot of inside play yesterday and today. The kids finished up the last of the dough for the sugar cookies for Santa, and Nicholas took them to see lights again tonight! Jason and I went to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with a slight ear infection and slight pneumonia. Thank goodness for anabiotics!


  1. Hope you are all well soon! Those sugar cookies look amazing!

  2. My goodness, I've missed quite a few posts. The cookies look so pretty! I'm sorry that little ones were sick. That's always hard. I'm sure they are all the way better now, though.