Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

We got to go to the Pullen Park Holiday train on Thursday, December 3, and had a great time in the train, carousel, and all the holiday activities!

Out next holiday activity was Saturday with Santa in our neighborhood! It was fun, even though the kids didn't actually talk to Santa! The junk food was a big draw!

Our elf is back, and Nicholas has been moving him and delighting the kids when they wake!

Our house is looking Christmasy, even though our tree is totally Jason safe!!

And we did Disney on Ice this week!! It was a huge production and Olivia LOVED it! Leo was ready to go home after he got his snow cone!

Olivia is tracked out as of December 4th! So, the Tuesday before, the boys and I did lunch bunch, which is where we eat lunch in the cafeteria with her and a friend. We had fun!

And now we are trying to do fun activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is when Leo are not in school! We've already been to a birthday party at a bounce place, and we have been to the natural sciences museum. And we go to the park every day after the school on Monday Wednesday Friday! It's looking to be a good track out!

Natural sciences museum discovery room is awesome!


  1. You guys always have so much fun!

  2. Yay! It seems like it is already going much better than the last track out when little ones were sick.