Friday, September 4, 2015

The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes!

Jason has seven teeth, and is eating so much of what we eat! He's not content with being spoon fed baby food! Here he's having pork fried rice, and a quesadilla and apple slice.

The boys are a joy to play with while Olivia is at school!

Of course, we miss sweet Olivia when she's at school!

Jason is exploring and trying to crawl and trying to pull up! It's a new discovery every day! He loves pulling things in every single tool in Leo's tool bench!

Olivia's class had a surprise on Thursday. They read "When the Relatives Came," and later that day the relatives surprised them and came for lunch! My sweet girl was happy to see me. We read and ate lunch, and it was fun to see Olivia interacting with her friends! I left the boys at home with a new babysitter!

This is her class that same day with all their favorite stuffed toys! Olivia's on the front left. What a sweet class!

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  1. Such a sweet picture of you two! I hope the kindergarten blues are getting better!