Thursday, June 25, 2015


Over the weekend of the 13th, our friends Juliet and Tony came into town and spent the day with us on Saturday! We had fun playing at the pool--swimming, sliding, and snacking! You'll see by the lack of pictures I took that we had a fun time! Juliet and I snuck off for dinner with Jason while the rest of the crew at delivered pizza and watched Cars 2! Love our husbands for letting us catch up!

Sunday, my friend Lisa came over for Pool, round 2! Again, we had a great time!

Leo enjoying the pool! It gets SO hot that we bought him a clip-on fan!

Uncle Chuck came down last weekend from Thursday through Sunday to meet Jason, play with the kids, and catch up with us! "Uncle" as the kids called him, got a work-out the whole time since Olivia and Leo were totally into playing with him every. second. He was a good sport!

We did Marbles on Friday...

And the pool on Saturday...

Plus Red Robin for dinner!

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  1. How fun! I love all of the closeups of Jason in his car seat. Yay for catchup with friends - that's not always easy to do. One day when my child isn't afraid of the pool, we'll take pictures like this!