Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The pool is open!

The pool in our neighborhood opened the Saturday of Memorial Day and the kids were thrilled! We've been there most days since it opened!

I have managed taking all three on my own during weekday afternoons when it's not been crowded. The kids have been really good listeners since they want to go back the next day!!

Jason doesn't get in while we arethere because he alternates between needing to sleep and eat, and the water isn't that warm. I have just held him at my chest while playing with the big kids in the pool. Leo loves his puddle jumper and every time he gets in says, "I'm not sinking!!" Olivia starts swimming lessons tomorrow at the pool and I think she is ready, as she is going all the way under and sort of swimming across the pool. Hooray for the start of summer! It is already going fast!


  1. That looks like a fun pool!!

  2. That is an awesome pool! How fun would that have been in our youth!