Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter and stuff

This week we had some good weather and lots of outside time with the neighbors!

And some fun time with Daddy after his long and busy week! The kids are playing puppy under the table in the upper left... I went with it and got the dishes and a load of laundry folded!

And my neighborhood bunco group had our own Easter egg hunt and block party Saturday! So much fun! Of course the wind bothered Jason, so Nicholas or I was in a garage much of the time...and Leo  discovered light sabers, so he was pouting for part of the time because he didn't have one...but other than that the weather, food, and company was delightful!

The kids: (Three kids are missing including Leo who just didn't want his picture taken.)

The ladies!

The hunters:

And on Easter Sunday...

I didn't take a picture of our Easter dinner al fresco or Daddy playing soccer with the kids in the field near the pool, but we had a lovely afternoon, complete with lots of outside potty breaks for Leo! We're in full potty training mode, and he's doing great...mostly!

And just to show you how impressionable Olivia is, here is her version of a wrap for her baby and the new stroller she had been longing for! (My picture is in there to show Jason took a paci while falling asleep in the wrap! And Olivia is in a bikini because that was one thing the Easter bunny brought her.)


  1. I'm so glad you have an awesome neighborhood! What a fantastic group of ladies. That's wonderful.
    I'm impressed that Olivia has her own wrap. Very cool indeed!

  2. Agreed! Glad you found such a welcoming place ... and with lots of kids for your kids to play with!