Thursday, May 17, 2018

Supporting our teachers

Wednesday the big kids were off school because our county’s school system shut down due to so many teachers asking off for personal days to rally in Raleigh! In fact, 42 counties had to shut down their schools that day! We joined them, and I am glad we did. It was a great experience seeing so many spirited, helpful, kind people together in one place! The police officers were kind, too. Our favorite part was marching with a group with a woman in the center with a megaphone calling out the chants with a tuba player next to her. “Who’s schools?” “Our school!” Who’s voice?” “Our voice!” “Can they take it away?” “No!”

I wrote our state representatives and the standing house and senate education committee members ahead of time because I didn’t think that I could handle standing in line with the three kids. And I think that was a good decision, too. There were upwards of 20,000 people there. Here are some photos:

And just so I remember in the future, this is what I wrote in those letters:

Dear Ms. Barringer,

As a parent of a North Carolina Public School student, I am writing in support of the #RedforED #itspersonal teachers’ movement on May 16th.  Due to the lack of funding, compensation, and respect of our teachers and students, the North Carolina General Assembly has created an environment which now requires that we take action. It is in my highest hopes that you, as my representative, fully back and support the actions and decisions of our teachers during this movement.  Please know our community is watching, and we are expecting a model of integrity, dedication, confidence, and support from you toward those who work tirelessly for our children.  We as parents know the cost of what is being lost in our schools today, and we are here to ensure we take back what rightfully belongs in our classrooms -- funding, compensation, and respect.  

Personally, I cannot list the statistics and talking points, but I can see the degradation in the public school my Kindergartener and second-grader attend. I see the teacher assistants leaving and not being replaced, I see the PTA being asked to fund technology because there is no budget, I see good teachers leaving because the job is too hard for the pay, I see the building not being cleaned, air conditioned, and maintained as administrators make tough decisions with budgets. We can do better. Please keep NC public education a viable option for families. Without it, our economic growth will quickly falter and we will have lost more than we can make up.

We trust you will stand with us,

Christine Kraft

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  1. Hell's yeah! I love that you show your children the importance of standing up for what you believe by having them at your side. Go Christine!