Sunday, March 18, 2018

Another week of track-out! March 2018

Another week of track out has come and gone, and if you follow me on Instagram, you pretty much know what we have been up to!

Tuesday: The sweet sixth grader, Ryan, who is also on track one came to play with the kids while I worked in the morning. Jason stayed home, too, since there was a snow delay. In the afternoon we had Olivia’s eye doctor appointment. Turns out she has the best vision in the family and no, she does not need glasses. So, we are pushing water and cut her hair, and think that will make her headaches go away. Tuesday night, hallelujah, I had book club, and it was awesome! So glad I joined! 

Wednesday: We drove to UNC Chapel Hill’s Morehead Planetarium for the first time. We met my friend Lisa and had fun exploring the exhibits and seeing the Sun, Moon, and Earth show. At the end, they showed us the night sky over the triangle with and without light pollution. It was awesome! The kids got a kick out of seeing the constellations, too, and the show—about misconceptions about the Sun, Moon, and Earth of people trying to explain the unexplainable— is going to be a great segue into bigger conversations. We ate at Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe and had fun, even though it was COLD!

Thursday: Jason went to preschool, Olivia had violin, I worked and Ryan came so I could work. We played at Ritter park that afternoon, had piano lessons, and more park and outside time. The weather was pretty!

Friday: Jason went to school so I could do some things with the kids that are impossible to do when he is here: rebuilding a Lego set he demolished and covering a window seat. (See Olivia’s short hair?!)

Then we picked Jason up early and went to Goldfish Swim School for family swim. It. Was. Awesome! The pool is 90 degrees and so is the room it is in. Perfect! We will definitely do that again to get the kids ready for summer swim team!

Then we came home and played outside until five o’clock when Olivia went to the neighbor’s house for a birthday sleepover. She made it and had a great time!

Saturday: Nicholas played basketball in the morning, and we had friends over in the evening. We have been struggling with Jason hitting, and he hit our friend’s daughter while she was here. Sigh. Doing the positive parenting thing is tough. And maybe he needed a nap. We’re in that transition period between needing a nap everyday and not. He had a nap today and was much happier... but didn’t want to go to sleep tonight... Anyway, my friend caught this bee on our front daffodil 

Sunday: The bee was still there this morning. Olivia removed it, put him in the sun because she thought he was cold and almost dead, and he promptly flew back! Ha!

Olivia had lacrosse at noon and Flight Day with YGuides at two. The boys and I were happy to have a whole weekend without getting in the car!

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  1. Yay track out. I'm so glad you are in a book club. How fun and needed to do something for yourself, too. It looks like you had a great week.